IT Consulting and Services Company for large accounts and SMEs

We specialise in Digital Performance and Transformation of complex IT applications and infrastructures.

Our business

Optimise your IT performance

One of Oon-it’s key differentiators is our ability to simultaneously meet strategic, technical & operational or human challenges, in national or international (offshore) environments. We excel in the management and improvement of IT Operations and Projects, in Hybrid IT and Cloud Migration, as well as in the Sourcing of IT skills (Management & Governance, Cybersecurity, Network, Big Data and A.I.).

strategie digitale

Customized support

Steering together

Oon-it can assist you with advice or support within your teams with recruitment assistance or services, as well as operational management.

service audit informatique

Audits and operational management

Turning the impossible into success

We work on projects, run and production activities, organisational efficiency issues as well as turnarounds: projects or contracts in crisis situations.

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Tailor-made teams

Sourcing of IT experts

We are recognised for our excellence in sourcing competent experts capable of addressing the complexity of Digital Transformations within increasingly tight deadlines.


We are committed to the values of excellence and agility, passion and innovation, and the development of our employees and partners.

Our culture is one of customer satisfaction and total commitment to service and great execution.

As a company, we are also committed to diversity and the consideration of environmental, societal, and ethical issues.

Our employees and partners are committed along our side, based on these values and our culture of excellence.

Oon-IT’s commitments

Customer satisfaction

We engage with intensity and we commit ourselves at your side as partners. At Oon-it, we work sustainably and transparently to give you the best of technologies combined with our know-how, to support you to ensure that your Digital Transformation is a success, and your IT Operations are the most efficient!

Achieving tangible results

We will deliver, depending on your requirements: as an advisor or by supporting you from within your teams as well as by taking full operational management responsibility. We work on projects, run and production activities, organisational issues as well as turnarounds: projects or contracts in crisis situations.

People are at the heart of our concerns

Because each of us has our own talents, aspirations and dreams, because the human potential of the men and women who make up our teams contributes to your success… we make sure that our actions make sense; we listen to and accompany our employees throughout their professional careers.

They trust us

Our clients are both IT Departments of corporations and Business Units of service companies. They have chosen us for our ability to surround ourselves with the most competent experts with real leadership in their field, responding to strategic, technical and organisational challenges.

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IT Management and Digital Performance

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Hybrid IT
and Cloud Migration

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Whether for short or long term assignments, for missions in France or abroad, Oon-it will support you in your IT development.

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