IT Management and Digital Performance

Achieve your objectives on your IT projects and operations.

Do you want to improve the performance of an IT Services contract or a critical project?

Whether in France or abroad, we mobilise our senior expert consultants, with successful experience in contexts identical to yours: optimisation of outsourcing contracts, projects management, management of complex transition and transformation programmes, turnaround, audit and support.

IT services management

Achieve and exceed your objectives

We ensure the proper execution of Digital Transformations and IT Operations, by providing you with consulting, operational support or resources according to your needs.

Turnaround of outsourcing and IT services contracts

Analysis and correction of deviations in satisfaction, quality, SLA/OLA, KPIs, costs and P&L, etc.

Audit and remediation plan, incl. renegotiation, for Governance, organisation, service models and contracts.

Engagement model with your teams: in workshop mode or integrated within them.

Implementation and Rescue of IT projects and transitions

Assessment and turnaround of quality, SLA and financial deviations

Change Management

Support by Operations manager coaching (e.g. in support of DevOps and Agile implementation)

Optimising and transforming IT Operations

Audit and action plan

Transformation: strategy, Programme Management, DevOps, etc.

Implementation of Service Catalogue, Dashboards and relevant KPIs

Making a difference with senior Consultants and experts in Governance

Sourcing (hiring or pre-employment) and short or long term services

Project Management: Programme Directors; Project Directors and Managers, Agile experts, Change Management, PMOs

Operational Management and Governance: Service Delivery Manager, Production Director, Account Delivery Managers

Management: Director of IT Services, Infrastructure Managers

Our methodological approach

As the culture of commitment and results is central to Oon-it, our experts take a pragmatic and efficient approach: every assignment is carried out in project mode with a clear organisation and governance, objectives and planning established with you.




Fast-track Audit





Tailor-made organisation and governance for all your IT projects

Our project methodology is adaptable to your context and environment (according to your tools and standards), while maitaining our best practices and experience that ensure our success.

Our experts are recognized for their ability to quickly grasp the issues and structure an approach to address very complex situations. The key is the combination of their vast experience (top management and operational) and their ability to analyse and then organise teams and actions. Their ethics and empathy facilitate communication and buy-in from your employees.

Establish an initial assessment and a macro action plan thanks to our “flash audit”.

One of our trade secrets: at the beginning of the engagement, we propose a fast-track audit, both executive in order to get to know the issues at stake for your company, as well as on the ground in order to gather a “bottom-up view” and operational elements of the subject to be dealt with.

Led by the person in charge of the mission and accompanied by one of our Senior Partners, this flash audit allows us to quickly establish an initial assessment and to get to the heart of the issues from the outset while ensuring our perfect alignment. It clarifies the major areas of work upstream and ensures the achievement of results that meet your objectives.

Do you want to improve your IT agility?

We will accompany you until you improve performance according to the objectives defined upfront and achieve concrete, measurable and sustainable results.