Hybrid IT
and Cloud Migration

Get the best of both worlds, Private Cloud and Public Cloud.

Are you looking for a partner to help you succeed and deliver value with your migration to the Cloud?

We help our clients define the most relevant Cloud strategy, manage their Hybrid environments and deploy their transformation quickly while achieving their goals.

cloud migration

Become a more agile enterprise

Our offer covers all Cloud migration related activities: it improves agility and adds business value. Depending on your needs, we support you in whole or in part, during the various operational phases.

it application design

IT design and architecture

Design and Architecture phase, where we support you in analysing your legacy infrastructure and application landscape, identifying the risks and benefits, and together we establish your Cloud migration strategy, the target Architecture and Transformation plan (budgets, planning and target operating model).

Make the most of your IT assets!

IT performance

DevOps and orchestration

Migration phase during which our experts in DevOps, Orchestration, Containers, CI/CD, Agile, etc. ensure rapid deployment of your Cloud projects. We optimise the management of our clients’ data and infrastructures, whether it be in application efficiency management (design to Cloud, microservice redesigns, etc.) or better use of Cloud opex (FinOps).

Migrate to the Cloud in complete security!

Cloud migration service

Operations, application modernization

Operation Phase where we support you in the Operations and Continuous Modernisation of your Applications (Cloudification, docking/kubernisation, etc.) as well as in terms of FinOps in order to control and optimise your costs. We ensure the management and security of powerful and customised digital infrastructures, essential to the growth and survival of companies and organisations.

Take advantage of a high-performance IT!

The benefits of our approach

Our experts are experienced not only in managing Cloud transformations and their execution, but also in the human and Organisational Change Management challenges.

Modernise, industrialise and automate your IT infrastructures

The first step in our approach is the modernisation of your infrastructure and the optimisation of your private Cloud, by industrialising and automating. The migration of your applications that can be moved to the Cloud is also carried out rapidly. In this way we reduce your costs, increase your performance and improve your agility and the quality of service to your users.

Accelerate and expand your digital transformation towards greater Agility

By helping you to integrate your applications in the Cloud and then move to the Cloud native, we enable you to develop innovative services, in order to increase your reactivity and therefore your competitiveness. You reduce the time to create new services, allowing you to seize new business opportunities.

Our experts work with you to deliver the benefits of these innovations to your business quickly, while taking into account your budgetary, service level, performance, governance and security constraints.

Do you want to migrate your infrastructure to the Cloud?

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