Sourcing On Demand

Access talented Consultants and senior experts.

Do you need a resource or a team tailor-made for your IT project?

We help you identify and recruit the Managers and experts you need (headhunting and candidate presentation, pre-employment). We also provide short or long-term resources or all your IT and digital missions.

IT expert recuitment

Identify and acquire the right Managers and experts

Take advantage of our network of IT experts

Oon-it identifies and mobilises the managers and digital experts who will deliver the expected results. Oon-it excels for profiles capable of making a difference in terms of steering and governance of projects and operations; as well as for specialised and rare expertise.

Management and Governance

  • Project Management: Programme Directors, Directors and Project Managers, Agile experts, Change Management, PMOs
  • Operational Management and Governance: Service Delivery Manager, Production Director, Account Delivery Managers
  • Management: Director of IT Services, Infrastructure Managers

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

  • Big Data Consultants experts in Business Intelligence, Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Designers & Architects
  • Artificial Intelligence Strategy Consultants, Experts (A.I., IoT, Machine Learning) and specialised Project Managers.

Networks and Telecom

  • Infrastructure, Networks and Telecom Architects
  • Project Management (Stream Lead, Project Director)
  • Build and/or Run Engineers
  • Head of Network Operations

Cyber Security

  • Support NIS approval, Audit and Certification


  • Migration, Cost Rationalisation and Project Rescue

IT Operations Management and Governance for key accounts

Whether you need to strengthen your Service Delivery Manager team managing critical infrastructures & applications or lead a Transformation Programme for the IT department of an international Group, as well as to manage the Delivery of a €200M Managed Services Business Unit, Oon-it has the experience and access to the skills you need!

Oon-it’s added values in Talent Sourcing and services

  • Our exceptional pool of experts and senior managers based on our employees, our know-how in the search for critical profiles and our loyal network of expert consultants: Free-Lance and partners ;
  • Our high standards and our knowledge of the business, which means that we know how to select the right profiles that correspond to your needs and context;
  • Our ability to surround ourselves with the most competent experts, endowed with real leadership in their field, responding to strategic, technical and organisational challenges.
  • Our excellence in the sourcing of these unique and critical profiles to address the complexity of Digital Transformations within increasingly tight deadlines.
  • Knowing and keeping in mind at all times that our added value lies in the competence and relevance of our teams for your company and for you;
  • Our attractiveness for employees and partners: we take care of our talents, we integrate, train and support them as much as the mission requires. Oon-it knows how to offer them an exciting career path and missions.

Are you looking for an expert for a specific IT assignment?

Do you urgently need a Network Architect? A bilingual Service Delivery Manager? Or an I.A. Expert? We can help you to find the rare pearl!